A Rainy Day intro

I wanted to create a small intro to show at the beginning of my more serious projects. It turned out quite nice I think.

It's really pretty simple, just some images I made with gimp and a public-domain rain-sound in the background.

The strange grammar ("it's an a rainy day production") is intentional. It's because the name of my site is "A Rainy Day" and can be considered to be a proper noun.


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Copyright notice

The code and graphics are copyrighted by John Eriksson (that's me).
The rain-sound is public domain and was found on the internet.

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Marc 2010-11-13 20:41:14

Right on spot. Maybe I could use this also on some of my projects ? I too consider the best programming projects to be done on rainy days ^^. Nice to see someone agreeing. Good work !

pymike 2008-10-27 13:12:03

Amazing! Nice work yet again.