Welcome to a Rainy Day!

Hi, my name is John Eriksson.

For me, a rainy day has always been a good day. A rainy day means that you can stay inside coding fun stuff with a clear conscience :-)

On this site you will find some of my rainy day/late night projects. I'll also try to use the notebook-section to write down some small tutorials and other experiences.

Since I believe in contributing to the coder-society most projects found here will include the source code. Hope you'll enjoy your visit!

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This is me trying out the FrameGrabber example.

Is it pouring down outside?

When the rain is pouring down outside it's not allways easy to find fun stuff to do inside.

I've added a few links to my favorit rainy-day-sites. Why not make your own computer game or print out an old Lego blueprint?

Some tips for a rainy day


Game Spotlight: Slingshot

Got some time to kill? Take control over a space shuttle and blast some nuclear waste pods!

Slingshot is an addictive space game where you by careful aiming tries to get your photon torpedoes to hit their targets. You must use planet gravity, wormholes and force field bouncing to complete your mission. The more waste pods you hit by a shot the higher score. Asteroids and Alien spacecraft's makes your job a little bit harder.

You can play the game on both Windows and Linux.

Go get it!


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